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The wonderful unoffical best ARK: Survival Evolved PvP SERVER with many features!

Why ARKARINO? German and English, no Tek Engrams, no rockets, no c4, no auto-turrets, just primitive!

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Everyone is welcome! We are speaking german and english!

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ARKARINO [7x][PvP][ORP2]Upgradestation+House...

Explore new lands and settledown on Arkarino!

Welcome to Arkarino! Your ARK: Survival Evolved Server, when you haven't much time but want to play with other fair players. In Arkarino, all things working faster than at official servers (7xALL and faster breeding, pairing). Some mods like Upgrade Station, various building mods like OZO's and ECO's ensure more fun at building houses. ORP2 ensures that your buildings are not going to be raid by other players while you are offline. Offline Raiders are getting banned by admins. It's PvP, we focus a friendly get together and adventure time. You can cross-travel between two worlds, Ragnarok and Scorched Earth.

Send us your wishes, critics and imaginations via private message!

And now, HAVE FUN! :)

Your Team of ARKARINO

Mods installed


Mod-ID: 893904615

This mods adds new parts to build with, great wooden walls, window curtains and so on.

ORP2 - Offline Raid Protection

Mod-ID: 600705968

Offline Raid Protection protect your buildings and dinos from offline raids.

Wooden Hanging Bridge

Mod-ID: 893834064

Place a great hanging bridge to get over deep canyons.


Mod-ID: 1128416634

Adds new styled and strong Palisade walls to build as a outer ring of fortification.

Advanced Rafts

Mod-ID: 749466101

For Ragnarok only! Building fast and big sized ships is easy with Advancded Rafts.


Mod-ID: 767624763

Adds 12 new kinds of seeds for ressources and defence for more farmers happiness.

Upgrade Station

Mod-ID: 821530042

Upgrade the quality of weapons, armor, tools and saddles or salvage them for ressources.

Structures Plus (S+)

Mod-ID: 731604991

More Snap-Points, stackable foundations and other improvements for housebuilders.


Mod-ID: 898329764

Decorate your Base with Plants and Trees. Every Plant and Tree is resizeable.

eco's Garden Decor

Mod-ID: 880871931

Craft fountains, topiary, indoor/outdoor lighting, fences, and planters for your garden!

The unoffical best ARK PvP Server for fair play ARK: Survival Evolved

You traveling through the internet, searching and hoping to find the unoffical best ARK PvP Server with fair, friendlike, players to play a RP-like ARK game? Your endless looking journey has an end. You are on ARKARINO now.

Never search on endless looking ARK Server lists, to find a new adventure and new friends. On ARKARINO, you'll find quests, great events and a well balanced ARK PvP Server with friendly gamers. We never had offline raids, since the ARK Server was created. We often play on weekend (because of playing events). During the week, we experience small adventures and crafting armors, tools and getting ressources.

Sometimes we fight against each other in the jungle or against big dinos like Giganoto, T-Rex, Allosaurus, Dragon and Griffin. It's almost make lot of fun to play as a team. ARKARNIO is international, here are playing mostly swedens, britains, germans and france together. All players around the world are invited to play on ARKARINO, unoffical best ARK PvP Server

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